orthodox fighting a south paw


Oct 7, 2005
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hi just started sparing again boxin forgot about stupid south paws

what is the counter for a south paw its the left hook right ???

cause yous suppose to try and keep away from there left as its there power shot ???

just after some tactics or advice

Lead hooks and circling to the left will help, a straight right is a good tactic, I'd tend to follow it up with a lead body hook. (the reverse of these work rather well for me, I'm a southpaw BTW).
I'll back up what Smashius Clay said. Circling to the left so your foot is outside theirs (their right). It's easier to land the right cross. The further you circle, the less their left/power shot can hit. The same sort of circling works in Muay Thai as it opens up more kicks (esp. low or leg kicks) for you and diminishes their ability.

Another trick that works well is instead of just parrying their jab, bat it down every once in a while and throw a jab right over it. It's very hard for them to block at that point and usually scores. If you keep doing it, your opponent will fake to get you to bat and hit you a split second later.

Faking the jab and going with the left hook makes use of the closer distance of an orthodox and a southpaw and their reaction to parry the jab.

I'm a lefty and I too hate sparring with lefties since I have my southpaw-orthodox game down. Two southpaws is um, sort of boring for me.
Watch out when you step to the left . I usually throw jabs and right hooks when people try that. Also I slap down the their jab and come with a right hook after. Erm another is when i step outside i wait till they try to step back over and i throw a left cross. Kind of like that nate quarry vs lyoto fight. Go watch that.
As someone said... straight right. But be careful of the other guy's straight left....
I am southpaw and usually I have my front right foot outside the opponents... and when he steps outside of my foot for a cross i give him one of my own... cuz my feet are already outside and thus i hit before he does.