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May 31, 2008
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Ok I'm 16 in orlando, and i've been really interested in BJJ for a while now. Been doing wrestling for 2 years.

And I've looking for some good places to learn it, so far I've come across Gracie Barra and ATT, and I was wondering if any of you guys train there, and how much do you pay?
i train at GB off of mills and 50 and my friend trains at att off of university and dean. from what he tells me theres alot of posers that show up att mainly the college scumbag crowd that just want to learn how to mess people up. interpret that as you will.

gb: 97bucks
att: 140
Interesting, I didn't know that about the guys at ATT, So you would suggest Gracie Barra? And thats 97 a month for the BJJ classes right? Man I gotta get a job for the summer so I can get the cash for the classes.
I used to train at ATT Orlando. I would recommend it. I did mainly no GI but it was a good program. I think it was 100 for twice a week or 120 for unlimited.
I talk to people on this and other forums that go to ATT in Orlando and they have good things to say about it.

The comment about college douchebags coming in to learn how to hurt people has more to do with being in a college town and ATT's affiliation with so many professional fighters. Anyway, 99 percent of those people washout anyway, they find out it's much easier to act like a hard ass than actually train.

I'd do a search of schools in your area, I don't know of a school that won't let you take at least one free class. Try them out, see which instructor and program you like better.

My own personal knock on most GB schools is they require you go through the "self defense" program prior to actual rolling which I've heard can take some months to go through. That is not what I personally want, you might want that and if you are doing it for self defense it might be a good thing for you.
Well I don't really want it for the whole self defense thing, mainly I want to learn for competition and maybe even MMA someday.

ATT does sound like the better place to learn, maybe I'll give it a try, but 120? Hm I'm definately going to want to think about it.
Every time I've been to ATT Orlando everyone has been very friendly. Can't say I didn't enjoy it.
First off, go and try the classes, the only thing it will cost you is some of your time.

Remember I said MOST GB schools do the self defense, not all do. I'd hate for you to blow them off based on an indefinite statement by me

If you really want to train MMA then that is something else to consider when picking a school. I'm almost 40 so training for competing in mma isn't really a big concern for me.

When it comes to the money, well the way I look at it is I take whatever the monthly fee it and compare that to how many times a week you are going to train. If you train at least 3 or 4 times a week you will see the difference is really just a matter of a couple of dollars. I personally would rather pay a couple extra dollars for the program I really wanted. I know it's tough when you are young and don't have a lot of cash, but it is just something to think about.
I think I will go try so of the classes soon. It definately sounds worth it, and thank you for all the help guys, you've been great.
Ben Saunders is the no gi and MMA coach at ATT Orlando. Not sure who the gi coach is.
Really? I know he was on tuf, but is he a good coach, because I intend on doing mostly no-gi