Organic Raw Kombucha....


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Jun 26, 2003
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0 I decided to head down to my local whole foods to find some good organic stuffs to try out. I go through the produce section and end up in the drinks section. I see bolthouse and odwalla and all that good happy ish. I come upon this unique lookin thing called "KOMBUCHA".

Now before anyone says "search function", yes I already did and found one thread with fruitless responses. It's also quite old and I was wondering if anyone had any recent exposures to it or updated ones. I got the Multi-Green and this Strawberry Serenity flavor. I am drinking it as I type this post btw.

I open it and it starts sorta hissing and bubbling up like some live creature from a horror movie is trying to make a grand entrance and escape to ruin the city. However, it didn't it kept hissing like it was carbonated and I sniffed it. It had the same smell as organic apple cider vinegar! That's bad because I've drank that stuff straight and it makes me sorta sick. I can drink green couture alkalitic drinks all day and be okay with the bland veggie taste, but this....its different.

So I'm drinking this stuff and it doesn't taste so tastes kinda wierd it's real hard to describe the taste too. It's NOT as bad as organic apple cider vinegar....

So I'm new to this drink and was wondering if anyone else felt anything or liked it?

I've also got the 2nd flavor to try, hopefully its better but I doubt it.
I've herad about it befoe. I've hnever drank any, but I would like to try. Whjere would you find some a thing?
whole foods, apparently.
i apologize for the cheap joke. just couldn;t resist i guess.
I tried this stuff not too long ago thinking it was going to be a little more tasty, got it at whole foods too...I pretty much thought the same thing, really bizarre taste but bearable. Not something I'll ever drink again probably, plus it was pretty expensive, per usual at Whole foods.
The joke made me giggle =p

I've had kombucha before. There's a lot of recent buzz about it, but nothing substantive. I never got used to the taste.

I'm sure Tiger Penis and Rhino Horn will be the next new health buzz. Whitey sure loves to plunder Asian medicines for profit.
I thought it tasted like year-old sweat socks soaked in the sweat they originated from.
I like it, it is produced by putting the kombucha mushroom on top of tea.

So if you are grossed out by the stuff you might not like it. You can make it yourself I heard.

Get the Muti Green. It taste great and is by far the healthiest of the favors. It has two or 3 algae's and the kombuca and i really like the taste. Super Alkaline also
I like it.It's just fucking expensive,therefore I drink it every so often.