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Ordering brown Reyes gloves


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Dec 5, 2012
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Anybody know from where and how to order the brown Reyes gloves ?
A seemingly simple color is no where to be found !
I believe it's a limited run color, so there is a chance that they will not carry stock of that color for a while. Use the contact form on lockwoods' website. Best customer service that I've had out of pretty much any company and definitely recommend them to everyone.
Are by Mexican market or ringside Reyes ?

Thanks for the info btw

Mexican. I bought browns from Lockwood, as well as a pair of limited orange. They also sold the limited green.

They are velcro only, and I believe most, if not all, were sold out. I'd contact them soon, they're excellent to work with.
I emailed them about 2 are in stock that is left for the green Cletos.
someone should jump on them. I decided to pass, and get green twins in the near future.
Cause I would mostly use those gloves for sparring, so didn't seem much sense for me to score cletos

I've used 16 oz Cletos for sparring for years. As long as you're sparring with control and not throwing bombs, they're perfectly fine to spar with.

Lockwood contacted me about a pair of greens when I bought the brown and orange saying they were low on stock and I should grab them then if I wanted them. That was probably about a year ago, though I have no idea if they sold any after that.

Great company.
green color is like, the longest lasting color on winnings.
if you don't know how, shoot me a pm and I'll explain how to post a picture. also, be sure to get all angles of your gold set, from the worst brown part, to whatever is left of the gold.
No pics , but the fade happens where the gear gets used the most.
The headgear is still mint.
The cup has a just a light fade on the top edge (see paquiaos picture sparring. Exactly like that )
The gloves get it on the thumbs , the hitting surface and the parts where your fingers are.
It becomes like a reddish bronze . A very unique look and shows that you use it and it's not for show.

So , all in all , the cup and headgear will last way longer but the gloves go quick.
I spar almost every day though.