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Opinions on the Springfield Armory Mil-Spec .45


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Feb 11, 2006
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this gun. No, I won't be purchasing any firearms for quite some time, if ever, but I'm interested in this gun for a short story I'm writing. I'm just looking for some info on it from people who can give me a straight answer, and any insights that may be missing from the internet pages regarding it. Would it work for concealed carry, and if so, in what kind of holster? Would it need any modifications? Thanks in advance.
I owned one. It's a reliable, no-frills 1911. It can be concealed. I had a galco holster for mine.
Springfield Armory makes good pieces, period; rifles, pistols, shotguns, whatever. I've shot a couple, including a Micro Compact .45 (6-shot, 3.5" snub barrel) that shot astoundingly well.
I bought one back in 1993. Cost $300.00 in the mil spec gov't model.

Had an Ed Brown grip safety added, Chip Mcormick Trigger, had the slide cut to Commander length, a Nowlin Match Barrel and Compensator installed. Novak sights, and then had the whole thing Hard Chromed, for a long wearing tight fit. Gun is 5 inches overall with the comp.
Total Cost was $1500.00 all said and done.

Primarily shot 200grn bullets out of it. For a while I had them cranked up to 1300fps. Pretty good considering the actual barrel length is about 2 inches. These were hard on the gun though so normal load is 200grn at 950fps.

I still have the gun to this day. I have logged between 30,000 and 35,000 rounds through it. Its a bit looser now, but just as accurate, and reliable.

I would recommend it.

I have a conceal carry license, and sometimes, when heading over to the shit end of Houston, I will make sure its with me.
better sights along with other upgrades if you go with the Taurus 1911.
I have a Wilson Combat Tactical "Supergrade" 1911 .45cal. Great gun but a little pricey.