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Oct 6, 2007
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Well I know the opinions around here are based off good knowledge and always enjoy learning a new thing or two from you guys and the main reason I ask here is for what he was like with his days of promoting boxing and what help if any he will have for MMA
I don't really know much about him. But he loves to stick his face in the camera during the post fight interviews.
'Kimbo Slice could be HW champion in MMA or Boxing' = Knobhead
I'd be interested to know a bit about Shaw as well, I really don't know anything about the guy. Everyone knows King and Soulamaine (however its spelled!), but this guy is a mystery to me.

By Jin Mosley

I am appalled and beyond disgust at reading this fat fuck Pig Shaw's article that someone just sent me. How this slimy slug piece of shit can stoop so low as to lie on the dead un comprehensible to me. My phone has been ringing off the hook since Monday night from every reporter in boxing. I have been too busy to respond but after seeing this filthy pig all over the media telling horrific lies has given me no other choice. Let me start off by saying I am at and have been at Michelle's house since Monday night so I am not speaking from N.J through middle men as is the case with the Pig. Let me get one thing clear. Diego and Michelle hated and hate this pig. This is a fact. Whatever amicable behavior that took place was simply due to the fact that they didn't want to get further screwed by this beast. He goes on record telling blatant lies. Never once have I said that I was his manager. Let it be known that the friendship came to be because Michelle and Diego came to us for advice on the business. At the time he had just fought Freitas and didn't even know about food perdiums or rooms they were entitled to. They had NO idea about Foreign rights and airtime's. I mean it was scary how little they knew about the business part. They were being raped and taken advantage of. Hence the reason they are broke. As for "stealing" Diego. That is a joke. He practically begged to come over to GBP and asked me to assure him that if he did this last fight with Pig he would still be able to come to GBP. He was willing to sue out of his "Contract" with Pig if we thought necessary. Diego requested that contract for weeks and after Pig failed to provide it we stepped up and paid the $300,000 he needed before the IRS foreclosed on their home. Pig tried to pin him against the wall and told him he would only give him the money if he signed an extension which Diego was against doing. So as a friendly gesture we helped his burden,. Yes it was a loan Yes we looked to get it returned before the Clottey fight. Why should we pay Pig's debts? Diego on his own went to our attorneys 2 weeks ago and signed a document stating that we were to be repaid before all other suits. That was the type of person he was. Loyal to his friends. Diego was ecstatic after he signed the contract with GBP and could hardly contain himself after Oscar called him to welcome him to GBP. He had the utmost respect for Richard Schaeffer and all that he was doing for Boxing. He was elated to be onboard with the company that would change boxing. The sport he loves so much. We could of taken the loan back after the bout but we were sympathetic to the fact that Pig robbed him yet again by paying him less than half of his minimums. Also again trying to persuade him to sign an extension which I am told he never signed which is yet another lie Pig is telling. He also deducted training expense money from the purse after telling Diego he wouldn't. As a punishment for again not signing the extension.
Another lie he says that he paid Diego well over 3 million in 2006 which is a lie. He had 1 fight in 2006 his purse was 1.2 million but he went home with $194,000 What a fkn crime that is. How the fuck does he get over 3 million and 194,000 mixed up?
Make no mistake that Pig was and still is jealous over our friendship. In 2005 he was mad at me for educating the Corrales's on what they were entitled to and what their rights were which made his pockets less fat. Before the historical Castillo fight Pig tried to test the friendship by pulling Diego's date (yet again) ( he previously pulled a date which left even more financial strain) He tried to starve Diego out by offering his date to Shane in which Shane would make double the amount he was already told for fighting Estrada. Business wise this was a better decision that a lot of people said we were dumb for not taking but morally we are loyal to our friends. Something Pig cannot also say about his character. So instead Shane declined and took his original lower purse so that his friend can make some money and ultimately have the defining fight of his career. At this point Pig treated Diego like shit never before giving him anything after this fight he presented him a watch and now "good tickets" to his other fights. It was after this that Diego with his own eyes began to see Pig for what he was. In fact he was dissappointed when after the Casamayor fight Pig was seen in hugging and hanging in Casamayor's corner. After he would find out that Pig was granted options on Casamayor's next 2 fights. Pig is soooo obsessed with me that he credits me for turning Diego against him. Anyone who knows Diego knows no one could make him do anything.
Pig also says that he felt pressure and that we were moving next door. LIES LIES first off I have a house next to the Corrales's that Michelle sold us last year. Diego came with us when we first looked at it joking that I was his other wife since I always jumped on his back like a wife. He was excited about our future block parties and weekend BBQ's. Gary is trying to paint an ugly picture about our friendship which is a lie everyone in boxing knows how close our families were. Michelle threw me a surprise birthday party in February we have went on countless vacations. We were always friends before boxing buddies. He has stooped to an all new low which is hard for someone in his position. Everyone in boxing hates him. I can write a book on the people he has fucked over. I have history with people, he has none except for the few that need him. All his closest friends have seen him for who he is and discarded him from their life. I still have a relationship with anyone I have ever called my friend in boxing. These are facts.
He is the biggest piece of shit in boxing worse then any other bum in boxing. He is the reason boxing was at its lowest. He went to MMA because he had to. He would of eventually been ousted due to his lies and deceit. If I told the public how much money was unaccounted for they would kill him themselves but I cant because he will probably sue me after this since every time I challenge his lies he threatens it. "What a man"????
He is a straight up BITCH. The worst kind. If he continues to fuck with me and tarnish my name I will start interviewing all the people he has fucked over to let the world really know the shameless media whore pig he really is. He can try to fool the public but he knows that I know the inside scoops to most of his scams. I barf in my mouth every time I see his ugly fat face hogging the camera after one of his poor taken advantaged of fighters has another bout. He is disgusting. He is never there for the fighters. He makes all kinds of plots and schemes behind their backs. Shane made him. He gave him credibility and legitimacy and he fucked him over. Main events got rid of him and he had no one Shane was his biggest fighter that put him on the map. Who does he have now?????
How does he turn Diego's death into a media press tour for himself? It has sickened me to see all the bullshit quotes from him. But it wasn't the time to blast him. But then he has the audacity to make this a Pig vs Jin Beef? Michelle has given me her blessing on setting the record straight she is also disgusted at the lies. She is right here reminding me of his lies. She will not let people bank off of Diego's death.
Lastly as if this all wasn't enough for the fans to stomach get this......
Tues Pig calls Michelle and No she didn't break down at the sound of his voice as he tells it. She was already broken down. He tells her he will take care of everything not to worry. As she & I are at the mortuary planning a funeral and I am working diligently to set up a foundation for the kids. We get several phone calls from people. Pig took it upon himself to make a press release that the services would be held on thursday and any contributions should be made to your favorite charity in Diego's name. Without even consulting with Michelle or anyone in her family.
He stressed that Thursday worked best for him. Although it only gave Michelle 2 days to get a proper burial done. Then to top it all off he knew Michelle has deep financial burdens so it was a slap in the face to say donate to other causes when his children need assistance. But this is typical Pig behavior. I wasn't shocked because I expected this but the family was appalled. I guess in death he is also fucking them over. After the services could not be arranged by Thursday he started to renege on his promise to pay for the memorial. As of me writing this she still hasn't received anything from him. Everyone else in his team has stepped up and showed support and has been here for her everyday. He has yet to fly here and console the family that made him millions.If he wants to continue this war of words please have some respect and let's pick this up next week and then I can come on & let the public know of the times I brought him to tears like a lil girl and he cried in front of me and others amongst other real events that have happened.
Michelle is thankful to everyone who has supported her in this time of need and thanks everyone for the food and flowers that keep coming. Everlast will be making commemorative T-shirts to sell in hopes to raise some money for the children. A prominent attorney who asks to remain anonymous has also taken the responsibility to incur the costs of forming the foundation set up for donations. The Corrales family is grateful and thankful to all those who keep Diego in their hearts.
Dana White says he used to bash MMA before it went bigtime. Now he promotes MMA and will debut EliteXC on primetime. I don't think he's any worse than any other promoter. He's a good businessman.

But I reckon he does fix fights. Le/Fryklund and Kimbo/Abbot looked like works to me.
Gary Shaw is no different from other promoters. You don't gets to the top without stepping on some toes and walking over people. Lying, cheating, stealing are common acts of successful businessmen. None of them are squeaky clean.
Dana White says he used to bash MMA before it went bigtime. Now he promotes MMA and will debut EliteXC on primetime. I don't think he's any worse than any other promoter. He's a good businessman.

Dana White's opinion on this matter is extremely biased, as he got muscled around by Shaw when he was a small-time Boxing Promoter.

And no he's not a "good" businessman, and neither is Dana White.
Dana White's opinion on this matter is extremely biased, as he got muscled around by Shaw when he was a small-time Boxing Promoter.

And no he's not a "good" businessman, and neither is Dana White.

I meant "good" businessman like what the poster above you said.
Good businessman= lying, cheating scumbag who occasionally fixes fights.
Ahh. Well in that case he's excellent.
For what's it worth, I think everyone under the ProElite banner has been payed well. I have never heard any accusation of Shaw lowballing any MMA fighter. Except for Nick Diaz being pulled from a fight, but that's partially his fault as well.
For what's it worth, I think everyone under the ProElite banner has been payed well. I have never heard any accusation of Shaw lowballing any MMA fighter. Except for Nick Diaz being pulled from a fight, but that's partially his fault as well.

other orgs have paid comparable to the ufc and quickly went away whether this be the case with elite xc it yet to be seen

reading what some of the other posters have said about him is rather interesting though
I've read nothing but bad things about the guy, and just judging by what i've seen he comes off as a real slimy piece of shit.
Shaw is a fat snake. I remember the Darchinyan and Gores fight here in the Phils. the crowd was throwing water bottles at the ring for the lousy officiating. Shaw then went up to try and subdue the crowd but they ended up throwing more stuff at him hehe. But plus one to him for sporting that sexy mullet.
i like gary shaw. he's willing to promote female fighters and seems like a badass. the only thing i don't like about him is how questionable-looking kimbo's fights like, particularly the one with bo cantrell. wtf was that?