Opinions on Astra Handguns?


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Mar 1, 2007
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I was at one of my favorite pawn shops. They had a 357 mag. revolver. It looked exactly like the Smith & Wesson model 18, and kinda like a Colt Trooper. It has a 4 inch. barrel, and looks pretty sweet.

I know Astra makes those semis that look like Sigs, I had no idea they made revolvers. Has anyone tried those knock-off Sigs, and would recomend this knock-off S&W/Colt? Is the Astra brand reliable in y'all's opinion?
Astra merged with Star to become Astar and is in the heavily involved in the business of cloned guns. They were/are an arsenal that made weapons, primarily handguns, for Spain and several South American countries.

The models I've handled are solid and functional but crude in fit and finish. I have observed different parts break at a higher frequnecy than the original gun (i.e. slide stops). A bit of polishing here and there and you are OK. But if you are thinking that you are buying a Sig or S&W revolver for 1/2 price you will be greatly dissapointed.

You are further ahead to save up your lunch money for a while longer and buy the big name boomstick or keep your eyes open for a used one at the pawn shop or consignment shelf of the gun store.

Bottom line: would I bet my life on one (if I had a choice)...NO.