Open Guard help plz


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Jun 18, 2002
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I'm always having my open guard passed. I'm not talking about the butterfly guard.. just me sitting or sort of lying on my back and my opponent standing or on his knees.

Are there any tips you guys have for not getting passed?

BTW, how do you defend the knee through pass? I.e Where he just drives his knee through the guard to one side.
move with the opponent...and get some pain tolerance...also, learn not to hang onto one position, try to be fluid and move to a better position.
You might try keeping a foot in his hips, kinda bent up while pushing the knee and scooting backwards.

Or let him pass to half guard and pwn him with a scissor lock, they(I assume you mean someone your level) never see it coming.
hips hips hips legs legs legs attack attack attack (arms included)....................
I think for the knee through pass I have to make sure the guy doesn't get his underhook.
Sit up, you shouldn't ever be on your back even in guard. Obviously he's gonna have an easy time passing if you have no control over him so start working for underhooks, over hooks or at the very least some kind of head control.
If he's standing and has control of your feet the first thing you wanna do is free your feet, if you can't this and he throws your feet off to one side roll on to the opposite hip, ie if he throws your feet off to your right roll onto your left hip, this should make it easier to get the knee in between you.
For the knee through pass I sit up and try to old school them.
mikeffd said:
just me sitting or sort of lying on my back and my opponent standing or on his knees.

There is your first problem, you are laying back and allowing it. Sit up and control the person.. Remember you can have much more control with a good guard than someone on top. If you're not going for a submission, attempt sweeps, if you are not sweeping, use your feet to control their hips.

I've seen way too many times where someone will just sit back in an open guard and cling on to dear life until they are passed. Be active, it will make someone think twice before they attempt to pass. If you are rolling with someone who just lays back and isn't active, you're confident to pretty much consistantly attack without fear, but if you're active you are making them think alot more and it will be alot tougher job for them. Flow with the go brother.