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    -Press Release | OnlineMMA

    With the release of EA UFC quickly approaching, anticipation for the game is slowly growing and for some, to unbearable heights. While some of you are just casual gamers looking for casual fun, others are serious gamers looking to scratch that competitive itch in online leagues. With that said its time we open the doors once again to one of the premiere online leagues for EA UFC. We will be functioning for the Xbox One and PS4.

    OnlineMMA is a league created back in 09 to give all legitimate competitors a different experience than your typical league play. We aim to mix the essence of single player career with online league competition. What do I mean? Well a lot of what we do is similar to career mode. Basically, in other leagues its about YOU the player. In OnlineMMA its about your CAFs. In other words we rank THEM and keep track of THEIR stats not yours. Some of our unique features are...

    * OMMA TV - OMMA TV is our Live broadcast channel on the site where fights will be streamed live as if it were an actual event.

    * Video Archives - Each league on our site has a video archive section. This gives all users access to go back and view any missed events.

    * Statistics - Each league has a section containing records and statistics such as "most KO's" and "fastest submissions" for all my stat nerds. This section also has up-to-date rankings for each weightclass so you can keep up with where your virtual fighter stands in the rankings.

    * Fighter Bios - Each user will have a profile page made for each of their fighters. Profiles will contain the fighters info, a biography and a fight history with videos.

    If you're interested in a different experience then your normal league then stop by OnlineMMA and register. If you have any questions then ask them here or on the site. Are you more than just a casual player? Do you think your CAF is unstoppable? Well prove it in the only league that mixes the essence of single player career mode and the competitive atmosphere of league play. We hope to see you guys there.

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    I think I signed up for your site and will be attempting to participate if you guys do the "K1" stuff like you did with EA MMA.

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