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Omega3 fats


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Apr 21, 2004
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i just wanted to post something i've noticed since i've increased my consumption of both omega three veg source and animal source.

i have been eating a high level of these fats for a little over a week now and i have already noticed a physioligical change. My skin is becoming healthier

i started to notice it yesterday, but i really noticed it today. When i got up this morning i noticed that my skin is much smoother to the tuch, like a babys skin. also my back acne is slowly disapearing and my face isn't half as oily as it used to be. Dry skin isn't even close to an issue and it's the middle of winter.

some other side affects so far have been increased mental sharpness and i'm already noticing an improvment in body composition. i'm sure my speedy results will start to platue, but this is only reafirming to me the large immportance of consuming a good or atleast balanced fatty acid profile, because if it's having this quick of a positive affect for such a large organ as the skin i can only imagin what it is doing for the reast of my bodies smaller more important organs.
hey KK what do you know about Omega-3's?

also to add to this post i am also eating an all round healthy diet without any procesed foods and much to the dismay of many users i'm sure, i have eliminated beef as a source of protien from my diet. i just couldn't justify it. the worst thing in my diet right now is my chicken breasts and tomato souce. I just can't bring myself to use unseasoned tomato pasts.
Back acne? lol You neanderthal.

Omega 3's. Good for cholesterol, skin hair and nail consistency, also equated by Doctor's to the Tin Man's oil can in the Wizard of Oz, as they do a wonderful job of keeping joints lubricated.

Sad thing is you should be getting them in beef and poultry, but with grain-fed livestock you don't. The grass they would typically feed on would provide Omega 3 fortification to the meat and eggs. So those free-range eggs you been eating have also been contributing to it. Good work.
yeah next time i'm at the grociery stor i'm guna see if i can find grass fed chicken, but for now it looks like my only option is to buy chicken with the fat reduced as much as possible i.e. boneless skinless chicken breast.
Oh and hey, grass-fed beef is a VERY good source of protein. I need to do that thread on this already that I been planning. Maybe tonight.
yeah i know grassfed is good, just my grociery store has non, and that hormone injected regular crap just won't cut it. i figure at the very least the chicken has less use of homone therapy to keep them alive. when a chicken dies of ilness they just give it to KFC and no money lost, when a cow dies prematurly it balotes in a field and is no good to anyone but dogfood cumpanies.
Dude you seen chicken farms lately? Them things ain't chickens. A lot of them can't even walk they're so full and huge, and kept in cages that don't allow for any movement. I really hate sounding all spooky about this, but the older I get the more curious I am how things are being done, and the need to keep up with the obscene mass production of food for this country has made for some pretty terrible things where agriculture and livestock are concerned.
yeah i've seen that but my main concern is the biomechemical engeniering they try to do to the animals we eat. i would guess it's less in the case of a chicken considering how small they are compared to cows but i could be wrong.
Chickens are pumped full of all kinds of mess AND fed corn/grains. You're probably right about the amount of engineering done, but it may be equivalent based on proportions. I wish I knew enough about this subject to say, though.
So you're saying the chicken most of us eat is shit? I mean come on man, I'm trying to eat healthy, now I shouldn't eat chicken? There's no store around me that sells grassfed chicken. I get my chicken from the deli or costcos :-(
i belive for the most part the chemical left over from the biochemical engineering is stored in the animals fat, much like how we humans store exces toxins in our fat. so the less fat the better. your never going to eliminate all the fat since it's marbled throuout the meat but getting as low as possible would be best when grassfed is not available.
Good work yomon. You saved me having to answer. lol

Soid - I'm finding most of the food we eat is crap on a general basis, and it's disturbing. But it doesn't mean you can't be healthy. Just have to pay attention to what you're intaking versus what you're doing to use it (exercise).
Yeah right now I only eat the white meat of chicken. I take off all the skin and whatever fat I notice. Life freaking sucks, its hard for me to find anything that's healthy nowadays.
They pump chickens with hormones to fatten them up. Due to these hormones the chickens would also get sick, so they also give them antibiotics. On top of all this they feed the chickens grain.

This is pretty much the same story for beef.

Unfortunetly, to get hormone free and grass fed chicken/beef you are going to pay a higher price.

BTW, Yomon what fish oil supplement brand are you taking? Also, how much are you taking of it?

What is it that you guys call biochemical engineering? GMO? Hormones? What?
You know I have also noticed an increase in mental sharpness within the last few days, and this thread made me wonder if it was due to the fact that I've been eating alot of tuna this week that has omega-3 fats in it.
fwb said:
You know I have also noticed an increase in mental sharpness within the last few days, and this thread made me wonder if it was due to the fact that I've been eating alot of tuna this week that has omega-3 fats in it.

Maybe! It is amazing how lacking the typical diet is for Omega-3 EFAs.

Tuna is alright, but watch your overall oily fish intake; there is unfortunately some mercury in that. From what I've read, Fish Oil caps are safer, so you might want to look into that for long term intake. Myself, I use fish caps and also flax oil, and only eat tuna 1-2x a week.

Drinking a lot of water is very healthy as it helps flush out toxins from you system. Just try to eat healthy most of the time, and drink a lot of good, fresh, water.
currently my only omega3 animal fat is the eggs, but the eggs also make up most of my protien intake so i think it balances out rather nicly. i'm also eating tons of walnuts to get some more plant type omega3.
Since we were talking about what is being fed to cows and chicken, here is what farmed fish are being fed:


Chicken dung used to feed fish may help spread bird flu
By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor
Published: 28 December 2005
Bird flu may be spread by using chicken dung as food in fish farms, a practice now routine in Asia, according to the world's leading bird conservation organisation.

Fertilising fish ponds with poultry faeces, which can dramatically improve fish growth, may set up major new reservoirs of avian influenza infection if the chickens providing the manure are infected themselves, according to BirdLife International, the Cambridge-based umbrella body for bird protection groups in 100 countries.