Omaplata sweep

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by b0b, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. b0b

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    Aug 30, 2005
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    How is this sweep performed properly? I have never been shown how to do it, but have been experimenting in open mat. I am having trouble securing the arm.
  2. Aesopian

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    Which omoplata sweep? Where you roll belly down?
  3. TapouTime

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    well there are 2 variations.. if your opp. stands in your guard underhook a leg and with the other hand grab a wrist (easier with gi) pass it to the hand that is underhooked on the leg and swing your legs in he omoplata motion
    the other is if you have an omoplata and your opp is defending real good.. maintain the lock with the arm that is across his back grab the ankle of the FAR leg and roll to your side.. now should be in side control with his arm in between your legs ready for the ILLEGAL bicep crusher but i like to keep that arm trapped and maintain side control
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    It's just a standard omoplata set up. You let them roll through and then take side control. Alternatively you can grab their gi pants to force them to roll as you sit up.
  5. cheesesteak

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    Jan 2, 2006
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    anyone have a gif/movie?
  6. Sherdog_Mutt

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    There are actually a lot of sweeps from the omoplata position. Which one are you referring to? Here are some of the ones that I know about:

    1) From omoplata position, kick your leg (the one under their armpit) forward forcing the guy to roll forward. You sit up and *poof* you're in side control. You must control the guy as soon as his back hits the mat or he'll keep rolling up to his knees.

    2) From omoplata position, he's trying to stack you, put his knee on your chest, or knee on your face. You roll backwards grabbing a hold of his closest leg and yanking upwards as you're rolling. You wind up sweeping him into *poof* side control.

    3) From omoplata position, he's maintaining good posture so it's hard to do sweep 1. Grab the leg closest to you (actually hugging it to your chest). Then extend your hips (stetching him out). Once he's stretched out you roll him sideways into *poof* side control. There are many variations of this sweep. If his weight is ever off-center and leaning in the direction you want to roll him, you can pull this off without stretching him out.

    4) From omoplata position, he's maintaining a good base. You transition to a pendulum sweep (grabbing the closest leg, keeping his upper body down and swinging the free leg instead of triangling with it).

    There's more that I'm forgetting to mention here. Let us know what sweep you need help with and I'm sure you'll get more helpful replies.
  7. Zankou

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    Any omoplata is inherently a sweep -- you just crank for daylight and the guy will either tap or roll over.

    The other sweep, which I'd like to practice, is that one where you flip over the other way and yank up on the arm as you sit back.

    Here's my big omoplata tip, which I learned yesterday, for securing the other arm -- it's easy!! You just ram the back of his tricep forward with your knee at the same time you push the wrist back with your hand. His arm will fly back into omoplata lock. Then turn and crank. It's genius!!! This works beautifully for kimura too. The knee is what does it, it turns a futile struggle to push the arm back into a brutal crank that rips the arm back. Just lift that knee up and forward while pushing the wrist! If he fights his way free to straighten the arm, slap an armbar/triangle on.

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