OlegTaktarov in ADCC


Apr 9, 2002
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Does someone have any info of his fights in ADCC 1999 ?
I know the results but I am more interested in how he did, what happenend in the fights etc.
Ofcourse any footage would be the best.

Also info on Oleg in Pancrase where he lost.
he was focused more on acting at the time i am sure.
he was good back in the day, i have the dvd but i cant remember what happened
I think he only fought in 98. He lost on points to Beau Herberger who was a Rickson Gracie purple belt at the time. Beau passed his guard and spent most of the fight on Oleg's back with both hooks in, he couldn't get the choke though.

Oleg also fought Mario Sperry and that one was real boring. Sperry took no chances, he passed guard and held side mount until the bell rang.

i think that match may be the one i saw , i get all them mixed up, i have all the adcc's and go back and view them from time to time