Old school Joe Louis KO's in HD


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Oct 14, 2009
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Thought this was worth a watch for you guys.
One of the hardest punchers of all times at it in HD.

You want to talk about a complete fighter. Skills, marketability, physical conditioning, everything. Joe Louis is my favorite of the older fighters.
Billy Conn. Poor bastard.
GREAT highlight. Reznick's work is top notch.

He had some short darn punches, pretty to watch slowed down.
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What a fantastic upload. Joe was a complete badass. Unreal skills.
Some of those KOs are just plain scary..That sledgehammer of a right hand is like a billion dollar volt stun- gun wow!!! I wonder how many people (outside the ring) got their sh#t kicked in tryin to mess with the humble brown bomber. RIP CHAMP
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The uploader has some other good ones on his channel
SRR for example

Thanks TS!
Billy Conn. Poor bastard.

Billy Con held his own for a lhw. Joe was just too much.

I love watching the old Joe louis fights, he had a great style. I would have liked to see a prime louis vs Marciano.
awesome, it's not often you see good quality footage of these guys. Thanks for sharing.
His KO of Walcott was an awesome display of speed and power.