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Jan 12, 2008
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Anyone know if this is gonna happen? I thought I heard something about this fight the same night Manny beat JMM. Since these boxing forums seem to have the most knowledgable fans I have access to, I figured someone here may know something about this-Thanks!
I would find it hard to believe that there is any chance of this one happeing. Oscar is waaaaaaayyyy too big for Pac Man
weak....last weak. Freddie said no go to Oscar.
This is more ridiculous than when Paz went up to fight Jones, or when Taylor went up and got savaged by Terry Norris...
There have definitely been reports and rumours that Oscar wants to fight Pac (very brave of Oscar I know:rolleyes:). However I remember the Freddie Roach interview where he basically said it was a joke that Oscar expected Manny to move up to at least 147 to make the fight.

The more realistic weight jumping fight in which there has been a lot of talk is Pac/Hatton. Apparently Roach was a lot more keen on that idea. Personally I still think 140 is too much weight for Pac and he
WTF? It never changes here, huh.
Even Pac/Hatton sounds crazy. Give anyone a $20m and basically anything can happen...
thats a serious lose/lose situation for dlh, no way in hell would a right minded person make that happen, dlh wins, beats up a blown up feather weight? dlh loses, loses against a blownup feather weight

i mean people will watch but not really out of wanting to see a good fight, just out of intrigue but who "really" wants to see that
I work for a boxing promotion and get info before alot of others do and let me tell you, I havent heard anything about this fight which means it probably wont happen.

If youd like to know manyy paquiaos next opponent it is more than likely going to be david diaz. His rematch with marquez wont be for a while (year (S)).

PAvlik is looking at either duddy or trinidad
Pavlik and Trinidad sounds interesting
naw I rather see tito fight verno phillips and grab a belt rather get ko'd by pavlick,I wonder if tito can make 154,if so I see alot of good fights.As I mentioned tito's people should smartley get a fight with phillips and at least grab a belt on his way out of boxing
I think there's as much chance at Tito making 154, as there is Oscar making 147 again. Very slim.

Last i heard they weren't sure if he could even make MW anymore.
PACMANS tiny i don't he'd be able to compete higher than kw at a stretch, he has the frame of a flyweight