Oc Muay Thai


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Dec 14, 2005
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I keep hearing good things about this school and that its the only real muay thai school in the area. I will be checking it out shortly. Just want to know whats a typical class like? Are the classes crowded? Thanks
When I went there to try it out, there were 3 other people. (might have been b/c it was monday mornining) First I ran a lap around the block. then we stretched, jumped on a tire for like 15 minutes. flipped the tire. carried the tire around the parking lot. stretched a little more. then worked on kicks. finally, we finished with push ups, squats, and sit ups (15 seconds each, non-stop for about 10 min) the next day, i had never been that sore in my life before.

the trainer (David) is a chill guy. and it seemed like a great place to train. unfortunately, i live 13.5 miles away so i wouldn't be able to go on a daily basis. but hopefully i can this summer.
I want someone to write about the techniques taught, it looks like the basic conditioning is covered. Also, what about sparring? I've only heard good things about OC Muay Thai as well.
i spoke with the trainer (david) and he said that he will be starting 5:30pm classes this week, so i will try it out. anyways, anyone know how good classes with yuki horiuchi at westminster boxing club are?