noyce, video of me competing

Max Shane

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Nov 11, 2005
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I found a video of my championship match at that Lancer Grappling Challenge over here in SoCal a few weeks ago. I was in the 155lb intermediate.
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Went out there just throwing out my bread and butter for the most part. Props to him though, he's a mad tough cat; That armbar popped his arm but wouldn't tap and kept going strong.

About time I got some video up on here. Hopefully another match or fight will pop up, I feel lame and showy just having one match up of me doing well.
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Damn I look like a total homo in that pic haha.
That guy was a spaz, trying to brute force his head out of the guillotine.
You are both quite small for 155lbs. Excellent armbar though.
Yeah, I normally compete at featherweight, but that was the lightest division they had. Thanks.
nice, yeah looks like your skill level was quite a bit higher than your opponent, well done.

How was the tournament? my brother wrestles at that school.