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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Gavin LeFever, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. do you do any try of conditioning to prevent nose bleeds? i get them not too often but im curious. i just suppose it's me and some bad luck because the shots that do it are dead on.

    today i was just messing around and my friend slipped a headbutt that caught me. we were just screwing around at work and i had an underhook and something in my other hand or i'd have been controlling his head with that hand and my forehead in the neck.

    a couple times i've had control from behind in wrestling and some flailer can catch me with a back elbow if i'm running a spiral or a half. it has happened twice but again in wrestling so i'm not anticipating strikes to defend them.

    this makes me wonder if i'll be easy to bleed when i start up muay thai and if i should/could do anything to take care of this before hand. in the competitions i've been in and seen (other than ufc) blood stops the match and there's only so much blood time you can take.
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    me to i get nose bleeds easy also. i get them every day in training so i just stick paper up my nostril and continue training. but yea i to would like to know if there is somthing i can do to stop this.
  3. ^ yup i just fassion myself a nose tampon and get the fuck on with whatever. i hate getting pampered by the sports med folks or anyone but most non-fighters/trainers get like that when they see blood.

    i was screwing around at a lunch waiting tables when i took that headbutt. guys were just jokin around and heard a wrestled so he tied up and snapped on an underhook on instinct with a glass of unsweet tea in the other hand lol. lemon on the side never fell but i had to hit the bathroom because i'd kinda bad business to bleed all over the place in a restaurant.

    2 min later i stopped the blood, washed my face and hands and it's back to work. and back to grappling with my hands free lol. felt the need to not be a pussy and lose my tuff shit rasslin' rep.

    blood nose is just a pain in the ass. curious, what competitions do and don't stop for blood? i know ufc kinda likes it and it makes the fans go wild in the stands for them but i suppose bjj or boxing kinda stuff would generally call blood time or some crap.
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    A good shot to the nose will usually cause a nose bleed. Sure fire way to stop a nosebleed, 1. go for about 4 minuites and if it doesn't stop blow your nose, sometimes a clot will keep the vessel doing the bleeding open. after this use some sort of nasal spray (I use vicks 4 way or neosniphrin) these contain an ingredient that constricts the vessels in the nose. by the way this is'nt some shit i came up with, this comes from a doctor.

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