Noob request for technique: excape from reverse side control


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Aug 9, 2007
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Would very much appreciate a pointer to / description of basic escapes from side control when the person on top is facing your feet. My instructor calls this "reverse side control," but I think I have also heard it called "skirt."

I having zero success shrimping against this position, so I am thinking there's probably a better way. Tried YouTube for "reverse side control" with no luck (am now wishing I bookmarked the site that was linked from this forum a few weeks back that had tons of videos organized by position).

you mean you are being pinned in side control ?

or like kazkatami ( judo side control )
this position is aka twister side control. to escape you need to get your under hook in, and then bridge him and turn into him and flatten him out. say hes on your right side and he faces towards your feet (right foot). get your left underhook under his left arm pit so your arm is on the same side as his chest , then bridge then flatten him out.
As a noob, remember, "When in doubt just shrimp out." You don't want to stay there, because he will mount. Using your knees to block doesn't work very well and opens you up to leglocks, the twister, and other moves. So first and formost, start bridging and shrimping away.

vern_Fonk's escape works - I've done it before to unnoobs - but you got to be aware of that kimura when you go for the underhook. I start shrimping away and hiding my arm from the kimura/armbar/whatever. I try to disrupt his base so it is hard for him to transition to a better position like mount or knee on belly. Then if possible I go for that move or I just try the normal escape.

There are probably better ways to escape, but that works for me.
Vern, yes that position exactly. So I want the "bottom" underhook, i.e. the underhook on the arm closest to me? I'll give that a shot in class tomorrow. Lord knows I get plenty of opportunities to work on escaping from this position :icon_sad:

Frodo, I have been trying to shrimp but no success. I can usually at least create pretty good space with shrimping from normal side controls, but for whatever reason no dice here. This position seems to be able to generate decent hip control and I can't even get the shrimp started. By "the normal escape," you mean the normal side control escape, i.e., shrimp and re-gaurd?

Thanks for the help guys.