Noob question

If you have the money I would attend a grappling school and then a kickboxing or boxing school at the same time. You could then maybe pay for some private classes from the MMA cardio guys to help you put the two together. The transition form striking to the ground and a little of grappling while striking. If you had the money that would be a good way to go.

Also are you sure that the MMA class is like that all the time? I know the one that I attend we drill a couple moves and then cardio until we can tell what guys actually want to be there. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting your time trying to teach someone something and then have them not listen to you, or at least try what your saying. Once we weed out the wastes of time we move on to lots of moves and live grappling. The same goes for out stand up.
Most BJJ classes also have some type of striking system on the days they don't do BJJ. Call some of the jiu jitsu schools and ask.
your not giving the whole information.

what is preventing you from searching and checking out other schools?
or are you just too comfortable here now?
i know a good vale tudo guy... i train bjj with him.

Evolution Martial arts. Its on Dale mabry in tampa.
He is about to be a brown in bjj
i think He has a black belt in TKD, Joe lewis karate, and trained muay thai for years...
Also At their cleawater location there is a guy who offers vale tudo training as well.
A muay thai guy at their tampa location.
thank you all for the insight. I talked to one of the guys that teaches there and he broke it down for me saying its around 60% cardio/conditioning and 40% technique. Thanks also to those giving me the links. BTW, what the hell is a McDojo? Is that the kind of school that would cater to soccer moms and their kids?