No more than 6g of salt a day?

crap. One should not buy regular table salt though, not good. One needs to get Celtic Sea Salt.
What is the difference? Why is table salt bad?
Yeah, I don't understand the difference either. I thought it didn't make a huge impact on health, I just like the way sea salts taste better.
So will the celtic sea salt have less of an effect on blood pressure?
Sodium chloride is Sodium chloride imo. It's the same NaCl in either case.
I don't see how sea salts cannot increase blood pressure. A salt solution will attract water regardless if its table salt or sea salt. Its a chemical property of any ion, so I don't agree with that statement. Aluminum has no effect on blood pressure.

I read those two sources and didn't find anything about blood pressure. Also, they were both advertisements, not the best sources. Fuck, if I was selling sea salts I would be singing a different tune.

Lastly, Iodized was brought up. I don't see why that is bad. They just put iodine in it so man can get his iodine without eating sea food. Iodine is needed for the thyroid, and without it the thyroid will realize it isn't producing enough thyroid hormone, and grow in size in order to attempt to accomplish producing more. This is called a goiter. I am pretty sure that most people in the US, especially people in the states that aren't large fishing states, get the VAST majority of their iodine from salt. Similar to adding vitamin D in milk, its a good thing.
fwb said:
Sodium chloride is Sodium chloride imo. It's the same NaCl in either case.

I agree. Not too sure what the difference in the chemical breakdown would be. Anyone?
I agree Rjkd.

It's the amounts in the average american diet I was commenting about, and we know there are a lot here that fit that catagory.
May do them better to switch.