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No Limits or HB ultimate?


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Mar 13, 2008
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I live in Santa Ana, and i am in the middle of these two schools. Which one is better?
I want to drop some weight so i am going to start with kickboxing/boxing, then move to jiu jitsu/grappling. What do you recommend? They are both just under 100 for just kickboxing and i think NO limits has a student discount 150 for everything? I will check out HB today. Please any info helps tremendously. THanks
Start with grappling or BJJ. It is harder to master, and will be an easier transtition into boxing and kickboxing.
Check out Junior Gazze's place on Beach and Garfield in HB. Its one block north of HB Ultimate in the WAMU shopping Center. His BJJ is off the hook. As for stand up, well Chute Boxe USA is located there. Top notch training, good bunch of guys. Drop in bro.
Go try out ALL the gyms in your area. See which one you like best.
I had a guy who moved out from NY NY to Irvine. He is purely Muay Thai amature fighter and he trained at 5points Fitness which is around the corner from the Wat(another excellent NY Muay Thai place).

But to be more specific, since he was always visiting his girlfriend at her family's palce, he ahd the opportunity to check out all the gyms suited to his needs in Orange County. In teh end after he finally moved to California, he choose Nolimits.

I personally dont know what the quality of trainning is like, but it looks like a really nice facility where you can train Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ,wrestling, and even Sambo! If you check out there web site they have a number of MMA fighters, some have had experience in the UFC.

And considering that 5points in NY is probably one of the most laid back community like-minded gyms, I think he sought that. But like the others say, check them all out and choose the placethat fits your needs.
Brett Jacques coaches sambo at no limits and he is one of the best sambists in the US. I highly recommend it! In fact, we will soon have a sambocast radio interview up with him.