No Gi Triangle setups.


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Oct 29, 2002
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My two favorites:

1) Over hook on one arm with wrist control on the other arm, use your over hook arm to reach across and grab your own wrist then using both your arms push their arm inbetween your legs.

2) Second is to underhook one side and turn out tword that side like your going for an omaplata then bring your other knee up to their other shoulder and bring it down across the arm pushing it out for the triangle.

Im looking for some new setups/transitions for the triangle..anyone that knows some good ones please post them.
a good no gi triangle setup from mount is

trap an arm in mount and force it down. throw your leg behind their head. You are now in what some people call cowboy mount. now just roll over into the triangle and secure the legs. Its pretty basic but works really well with or without gi
thanks for the link. Any others? lets keep em comming.