No gi rules - grabbing clothes


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Oct 27, 2002
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For those that do no gi tournaments, do they typically allow grabbing of shorts and shirts etc?

And what do you guys prefer or think it should be?
most do not allow it but If I remember NAGA Allows you to grab anything they wear even in No-gi.

I got mad because at one no gi I was at It wasant allowed and the guy kept holding my shorts standing. If you wana grab clothes enter the gi division.
In the first tournament I entered, grabbing clothes would get you disqualified after a warning from the ref.

In the tournament I was in yesterday, one of the guys who reffed my match actually ALLOWED the other guy to grab my rash guard. I think that was just bad reffing.

I also saw a match where one guy was ahead on points, so he held onto his opponents shorts. He kept getting points deducted for that, and then he lost.

Personally, I think they should penalize anyone who grabs clothes in no-gi.
NAGA will actually allow you to grab anything your opponent is wearing, which I think is ridiculous if someone is wearing a rash guard and fight shorts. People are trying to fight no gi without being completely naked here. (I would take the exception to someone who wears a gi or pants in a no gi division though)
Yeah personally I'd be a little pissed. I remeber a guy in our class trying to do gi chokes on us wiht our shirts..ripping them all to shit. A little pissed the least to say, not that they were good shirts. If you want to grab clothing, go with the Gi is my way of htinking.
Personally, I have no problem with NAGA or any tournament allowing you to grab clothing. Since regular grappling clothing is looser than a gi the advantage isn't that great. If you are worried about it, just go without. Although, I don't fight shirtless because I'm usually too modest. Here's something I wondered: can you use the other person's shirt to gi-choke them in NAGA even if you are competing no-gi?
Wow, I think it is bad form to grab a guys rashguard, but that is just me.
Yea..1 warning at most tourneys..DQed after that
should be no grabbing. worst is when people grab your rash guard and stretch it
I think that no gi is a style developed to train the fighter in an ability to adapt his game to a situation where clothing grips are not available. Anyone of us can grab a gi or a t-shirt, but no gi prepares us for the day when the shirt is not available to hold.

And personally, if you grab and tear my $30 rash guard, you had better be damn sure you are better than me becuase I am going to make you submit real quick and it will hurt.
I personally do no gi and i don't grab clothes but i agree with above poster in that if we're rolling and you start wrecking my clothes i'm going to take full mouth and hurt you.
i fucking hate it when people grab clothes in no gi. there is a reason that no gi is called no gi . . . and why if you want to play grabbing cloth all day, you should play the gi game.
I think no gi means to me that you shouldn't be grabbing any of the clothing.
What about your own clothes?
Say you have someone in your gurad, and you have an overhook over one of their arms. Can I grab my own shorts to secure the overhook?
NAGA doesn't allow it anymore. What I found myself doing though was accidently grapping some guys rashguard by mistake on his arm. Fucking cheap underarmor, shit was loose as fuck. I kept letting go everytime I got a fucked up grip.
Usually not allowed. Sounds ridiculous to me that you would be allowed to grab clothes in a No-gi match.