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Oct 8, 2002
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have any of you guys ordered anything from the no gi website? i'm talking about the brazilian company not the no gi industries. if any of you have i was just wondering how the customer service has been for you? i ordered the vitor shorts he wore at ufc 51 and i sent them 2 emails and i haven't heard anything yet. one email i sent was about 1 week ago and the other a few days ago. it'd be nice to hear something from them. just wondering how your experiences have been. thanks
We are main dealers for NoGi in the UK and have never had a problem wiith them. There is a massive shortage on the shorts you mention though. We have at most one pair left from two orders in two weeks. I know NoGi are having problems keeping up with demand. They are a good company in our experience.
thanks fightgear. i hope they are a good company because there are many other things on the site that i would like to order and it would suck to have a bad experience and then not order them because of that bad experience. i'm sure ill hear something from them tho.
We know the owner personally and he is flying all over the place at the moment. I know he was in Japan for Pride and then has spent a fair amount of time organising an event in the US so if you get a problem, email me and I'll see if i can get him to sort it out for you.
Plus im assuming its being shipped from brasil, so youll have to wait a while before you recieve it anyway.

i plan on getting a few things from them as well.