No-gi BJJ vs Sub wrestling: differences?


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Jun 12, 2005
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In the short time I've been doing no-gi BJJ, I've heard and read a number of comments various people have made about the differences between these two arts. However, most of these comments were vague and somewhat general. I've gotten the impression that the perceived differences don't concern techniques as much as emphasis and style. But I wonder if there is now as much a difference as in the past since there seems to be alot of cross training between BJJ and wrestling (at least in the cases of the people I train with).

Do other people think there's a difference between the two?
i was always under the assumption that nogi is sub wrestling. and the difference in style is not because of apparent rules, but out of neccesity. you cant work the same from jiu jitsu to subwrestling, the changes are natural.

consider what your doing sub wrestling i guess.
In short, no difference.

But a slightly longer version if you want to put some thought into it. Some people recognise no gi bjj as a different "style". One example cited recently is that people believe Eddie Bravo is more a no gi bjj stylist as opposed to a sub wrestler
i dont see a difference in what i do vs. no gi jiujitsu.... pretty much the same to me i guess *shrugs*
point scoring systems?
to me sub wresting is exactly what it sounds like: people with wrestling backgrounds adding a little guard game. Now IMHO no gi and sub grappling are the same things.