Nick Diaz cage talk

"So we're throwing spinning shit now?"

Condit also said that Diaz was telling him during the fight, "you're losing, you're losing."
"What?!...Bitch!!...Come on Motherfucker.."
It's really just a lot of Stockton, 209, Bitch, Motherfucker..etc.

I can't remember where it is...but during one of the Nick Diaz fights after he retired Frank Shamrock- Frank was talking about how he couldn't believe Nick was talking that much shit and beating his ass....but he never actually said what he said iirc. Sorry for not posting it but I just can't find it right now.
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I love it. As long as he's not sayin that shit to me and beatin on me I'm all for it. Great entertainment. Bring it on.
I don't mind the trash talking, I think it makes the fight more entertaining for sure. I just question why Nick would employ that strategy when it isn't effective. I can see him talking when a guy has a solid game plan and he is trying to get his opponent off track, but at the upper levels that has not worked for him. I suggest he not try that with GSP, othewise he is going to eat a lot of punches.
it'll piss gsp off to no end and he'll make him pay for it
I quite liked the 'so we're throwing spinning shit now?' comment.

It gets less funny however when he continues to use it without effect on mentally stronger opponents.

Needs a plan B. Like winning or something.
ok i guess those are the only two instances of people giving specific examples....

thank you sherdog
Rule #26. Using abusive language in the ring or fenced area

I think it's a stupid rule, even though I can't remember one time either Diaz bro or a fighter has actually used "abusive language", flipping someone off like Nate isn't language, shit Nick says isn't abusive just funny.

Unless the Diaz bro's or someone else has straight up said fuck you or something that I don't remember or haven't seen.
It looks at times like he's just saying "Come on mother fucker" and "C'mon bitch" and the tipical pissed off street fight type of talk.
Nick Diaz will always be a legend in the MMA world, during and after his career.