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Feb 22, 2007
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Hey I just started BJJ 3 weeks ago, twice a week, one gi, one nogi, at GriffonRawl. First off, I have always considered myself a fan of ground fighting, however as much as I knew, in contrast to the typical fan, I have realized I know nothing. I'm doing fairly well so far, as I have stayed competitive with nearly everyone. Obviously the Brown belts and Purple Belts were toying with me, but the Blue Belts seemed to be going about 75%. On my first no gi class at the end of class I grappled with a more experienced whitebelt, he's probably been training for 7 months, and indured 10 minutes before subcumbing to a keylock or americana or whatever you please. Two weeks later, last night, I went against him, and took his back twice, nearly finishing a RNC. However, if someone had scored it, he would have dominated me, atleast from what I understand the scoring system entails.

I am curious though on a few things. First off, when you guys started did you guys find yourselves mounted quite often, and quickly developing reversals? Second, how long did it take you guys to get proficient at shrimping, particularly from when your sidemounted to guard, as you buck up? Lastly did you guys start developing a signature move? So far I seen to be pretty good at the Guillotine and Kimura. All response are much appreciated.
Hey buddy, I'm in a similar spot myself. I can't consistently train until June, but over the last 2 months or so I've gone to a handful of classes, just starting out. I've definitely found that I get mounted a lot, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're a bigger guy it's likely happening because you'll end up on top due to your strength/size, and then you'll get swept. You'll learn to avoid that, as well as to buck people off better.

As for a "signature move", I think that's a little silly, and has the ring of pro wrestling to it :) If you rely on certain moves, you'll always lose to certain types of opponents. Most people will tell you to work on your weaknesses before you develop your strengths, and frankly at this point, you and me don't have "strengths" yet. That said, this early you should just go for whatever submissions seem available.
What I mean is that if there are two moves that have come very naturally, and are already a threat to the more experienced students. I am diversifying, with triangles, and armbars, but the guillotine and kimura seem to be the easiest. I was just asking if you guys have had a similiar experience, or if those two moves are the first two moves everyone gets good at.
its perfectly normal. I'm at a bit over 3 months and I feel I'm picking up alot of techniques but still get mounted and guard passed ALL the time. I think it takes like 9months to a year to get the basics down.

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