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Mar 1, 2008
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hey guys, ive recently started to train jui jitsu and alot of grappling. all is good but im sick of the occasional knee to the groin or nutshot so im wondering what would be good for protection..

i recently bought these shorts ( ) a size to small so im just wearing the shorts without the cup, should i just buy a size larger and hope it fits? im a pretty lanky guy (6'1 140 lbs.) so tell me what size to get

also im trying to learn the damn leg triangle! ive gotten so many compliments about how flexible my legs are but it seems every time i try to set it up it just makes it easier for them to pass my guard. any tips on using my legs more effectively?

so far my best sub is my arm triangle from the bottom and if that doesn't work, from there i just try to take my opponents back, which is pretty much my strategy from guard.
Drill it till your so sick of it, then drill it some more :p
buy a cup and wear over the compression shorts if you don't want to buy another pair.
I'm your exact same build and I own the ShockDocs, adult medium fits me perfectly. Definitely wear the cup.

About the triangle, control their wrists, foot on the floor and drive your hips up into them.
work a high guard if you have flexible legs, throw up for triangles or learn some rubber guard
Personally, I hate wearing a cup for grappling. I rarely get hit there so I just deal with it when it happens. Besides, I am done having kids.:icon_neut

Just keep at the triangle and remember that it is a dynamic move. When you get better at, you can explode into it, giving them less time to pass.
I never wear a cup and don't usually get hit there. My wife and I are hoping that it just kills everything there so I don't end up getting her pregnant.
I personally have worn a cup since I was in grade school and I never really notice them anymore. When I roll I usually wear one of those with the lower ab guard as well since I had hernia surgery a few years ago. I would recommend wearing one even if you don't get hit a lot because regardless you are still squishing and smashing and what not and that isn't really good on the boys.

As for the triangle, Tony speaks the truth.
I'm your exact same build and I own the ShockDocs, adult medium fits me perfectly. Definitely wear the cup.

+1, i think it was someone on this site that recommended those to me, and they're really comfortable.

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