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NEW SR w/ Demetrious, Bader, Hendricks, Pornstar Kleio Valentein + Roundtable chat

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by PolskiGhost, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Submission Radio #62 Demetrious Johnson, Johny Hendricks, Ryan Bader, Kleio Valentien, Elias Cepeda


    This week's topics include Anderson Silva being suspended for 1 year by the Nevada Athletic commission for his failed drug test, Ronda Rousey making 6.5 million dollars and coming in at #8 on the Forbes 'highest paid female athletes in the world' list, as well as the state of the UFC Heavyweight division, if Cain deserves the rematch against Werdum and how Fedor fits into all of this.

    Also on the show are interviews with Demetrious Johnson, Johny Hendricks, Ryan Bader, Pornstar Kleio Valentien, and joining our roundtable discussion is Elias Cepeda of Fox Sports.

    Johny Hendricks starts at: 4:34
    Demetrious Johnson starts at: 24:11
    Ryan Bader starts at: 42:01
    Kleio Valentien starts at: 1:08:18
    Elias Cepeda Roundtable discussion (Ronda Rousey Forbes list, Anderson Silva, UFC HW Division)starts at: 1:35:29

    Former UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks returns to Submission Radio to discus his fight against Tyron Woodley at UFC 192 in Texas. Big Rigg talks about how it feels to be returning to fight in Texas for the fourth time and keeping his hometown undefeated streak alive, if he thought he would originally get the title shot against Robbie Lawler, how he felt when Carlos Condit got the fight instead, being passed up for a more exciting opponent, thoughts on UFC rankings and if they mean anything, who he thinks will win out of Lawler and Condit, how he stacks up against Tyron Woodley, who has the better MMA wrestling, working on his striking and reminding the world of his knockout power, how a third fight against Robbie Lawler would go, if he thinks that a win over Tyron will be the won to get him a title shot, his diet and weight, his Harley ride around America, and more.

    UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson returns to Submission Radio to talk about his fight against John Dodson at UFC 191, among other things. Mighty Mouse talks about the conversation UFC head of PR Dave Sholler had with him about opening up and not censoring himself, being himself more and getting his personality out there, his thoughts on Dodson's last performance and his confidence, John Dodson's weaknesses and him saying that DJ is a "plague" in the division, if he believes that cardio was actually a factor in their original fight, wanting to break the record for most title defenses before moving up to Bantamweight for any Superfights, being open to fighting TJ Dillashaw and why 2 million dollars would be the price tag, video games and what he's been playing recently, the Star Wars Battlefront game, playing more Playstation these days, his favourite console of all time, what a typical day in the life of Demetrious Johnson looks like, and more.

    Ryan Bader returns to Submission Radio to talk about his big fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 192 in Texas. "Master" reflects on his reaction when he got passed over for the next title shot, Gustafsson being picked despite coming off a brutal knockout loss, if the UFC rankings mean anything, the conversation he had with Dana White over the phone, if Dana made any comments about his style or promised him the next title shot, his thoughts on Anthony Rumble Johnson calling him boring, if he feels pressure to switch up his style in order to please the crowd more and get a title shot, the recent twitter beef between him, Rashad and Daniel Cormier, if Rashad's comments bothered him, if he thinks that Rashad is slowing down in his age, his thoughts on Rashad's bad luck with injuries over the recent years, who has the better wrestling for MMA and what his keys to victory are, calling out the champion after UFC 192, scorpions and heaps more!

    Kleio Valentien makes her first ever appearance on Submission Radio to talk about her upcoming Porn Parody Ronda Arouse me, where she takes on the role of UFC female Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Kleio talks about what got her into the adult film business, what her parent's reactions were, if she was into porn before she got into it, how much of an MMA fan she actually is, if she felt pressure to live up to the role of Ronda, Ronda's reaction to the parody and if she's had any contact with Ronda, if there will be any characters based on Edmond Tarverdyan and Dana White, Joe Rogan's character, her favourite sex position, who the hottest MMA fighter is, if she could do a scene with one female on the UFC roster who it would be, porn trivia, which TV ladies man she'd sleep with, hardest thing about the Porn industry, how a typical shoot goes and how long it lasts, meeting fans on the street and getting recognized at the grocery store, what makes a man a good lover, and more!

    Also on the show is Fox Sports's Elias Cepeda who joins Kacper and Denis for a roundtable discussion on Ronda Rousey cracking the Forbes list and making $6.5 million dollars last year, if it's enough given her stardom, Anderson Silva's NSAC hearing and suspension, if the case was handled correctly, if it damages Anderson's legacy, the current UFC heavyweight picture, if Cain Velasquez deserved the next shot at Werdum, thoughts on the supporting cast and why the UFC doesn't want to promote Stipe Miocic, how Fedor fits into the picture, and more.

    Available now on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn & Soundcloud

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