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Nov 21, 2007
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Orlando pulls out because of medical reasons.

Orlando pulls out and Loriga steps in.

The sond of the legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. of Culiacan, Mexico goes into his biggest fight when he takes on Tobias Giuseppe Loriga of Italy on Top Rank's "Latin Fury' PPV championship card on Saturday, April 26.

Loriga replaces Michel Orlando also of Italy, who pulled out of the fight for medical reasons.

"This will be a big fight for Julio Jr., as he take on an undefeated fighter in Loriga who has a different kind of style and for me personally this is a very intriguing match-up," said Bob Arum of Top Rank.

Chavez Jr., 35-0-1 with 28 knockouts, had to dig in and fight hard in his last two Latin Fury main events, defeating first Ray Sanchez in his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. followed by a three-knockdown win over Jose Celaya. Both Sanchez and Celaya battled bravely in front of large crowds.

"The last couple fights have been very tough, but I have found a way to win them and that's the most important thing. I plan on having a big year and this second fight of 2008 will show that I'am ready to take bigger challenges", said Chavez Jr.

Loriga, 24-0-1 with 6 knockouts, is the current Italian champion at junior middleweight and also holds the IBF International jr. Middleweight belt.

Chavez Jr is enormously popular in Mexico and is a big gate attraction in the USA. His last fight against Celaya was a 6,500-seat sellout in Leon, Mexico.

"Fighting in Mexico is always very special for me. The people are great and I always try to give the fans my best", said Chavez Jr., who captured the WBC Continental Super welterweight Championship with his win over Celaya.

Chavez will put his WBC Continental Super welterweight Championship on the line against Loriga.
Please forgive me for asking this question but.How good is Loriga :redface:I haven't seen any of his fights.Can anybody tell me how he fights?And do you think that he will be a good matchup against JCC jr?

and BTW heres the link
I know nothing about Loriga, but I like to see JCC Jr. fight whenever possible.
i look forward to any jcc jr fights. interesting to see how this guy will fully develop

Seems to be a bit untested.

I hope to see JC Jr. step up soon. I've supported him for slow rolling his career thus far. I think it's the best thing you can do for your career to get 30 or so fights under your belt before you move up. He's done that now though, so it's time to head out to deeper waters.

JC Chavez vs. Ouma would be a sink or swim fight for him. If he beats ouma, he's world class// if not, he's just a good fighter with a great name. I'd like to see him get on that level of opponent soon.
I thought I heard some where that Alfonso Gomez v Chavez Jr was coming later this year....anyone heard the same?