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May 10, 2005
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Hey guys, i've ben training BJJ for about three years. My Gi is fixing to fall apart already (Atama). I was thinkng about getting a Kiecko Raca one, but my instructor said that the Atamas are better quality. Pretty much everyone in the school has Atamas, about 90%. Being as to how mine lasted so long I only have the Atama to choose from experience. Some feedback would be really appreciated from you guys as far as your personal preference of different brands and their quality. Thanks very much!
Atama Gis are really some of the best out there, especially for the money. 3 Years! I wouldn't even consider anything else!
My HCK is really thick. I got the $50 one too.
Na Guarda Kimonos

Na Guarda Gis are ideal for you. You are serious about training and competing, and you demand quality and performance. Na Guarda Gis are pre-shrunk and made in single (Na Guarda Evolution), double (Na Guarda Competition Gi) and golden weaves (Na Guarda Supreme Gi).

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Alex - 100% Jiu-Jitsu is back with a new shipment of new gi's (Lutador Americano) . I just got an email from Luciana (owner) saying she is posting pics of the new gi's on her site late tonight. I hope they look good.
I just got my HCK single weave yesterday and its pretty sweet. I'm happy with it.
I wear Gameness most of the time I also have an ATAMA single.............I prefer the Gameness cut over the ATAMA cut. The Gameness cut is just more snug. It feels like its custom fit for me.
I started with an Atama single weave. A couple months ago I got a Keiko Raca and it was like night and day. The Keiko Raca is much softer (but durable), the pants have a braided drawstring (that actually stays even on both sides), and is overall a more comfortable and better looking kimono in my opinion.
I used to wear a Keiko. I loved it BUT... it shrunk so bad i cant wear it any more.
I even washed it in cold water and hung to dry.
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