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New GI


Dec 12, 2004
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I bought some Judo GI for like 55 dollars from some fake chinese store, its a Ronin Brand. Whatever that is. Its pretty durable, now this is my first real gi, after my shitty free one ripped down the middle from a hip throw. Its a nice blue GI, on the label it says wash before use, should I? But the problem is I have class tommorow, and It might now dry. Also I wanna put some soft patches on it any links?
If you dont was it, it might bleed onto other peoples gi. I would wash and dry it just then once. from here on out buy a second gi and hang dry alternate them. If you train as much as i do i dont have time to let one hang dry before my next class.

Machine drying them all the time tears them up.. i did it to my keiko racca and its seen better days.. i now only hang dry mine.
The usual rule of thumb with any kimono is to wash thm first.

to was them
there is preservative in the gi that you must wash to remove.
I soaked my blue gi in vinegar when i got it, can't remember why though.
Cojofl said:
I soaked my blue gi in vinegar when i got it, can't remember why though.

Helps keep the dye from bleeding and liek someone said earlier, bleed onto someone else's gi during sparring.
I used my gi after buying it because I already had to train. Didn't really have any bad effects. I think they ask you to wash it because the Gi shrinks or something. My Gi's brand is FATAL Fightwear, quite good, a local brand but made in Pakistan. Though it's more expensive than what you bought, around 80 dollars if converted to US Dollars, but good quality material.