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New gi came out.. anyone tried it?


Jul 24, 2005
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I wonder if to doesnt have the gold on the tail? it looks pretty nice.. I might pick it up.. My only gripe about the kimonos was the gold on the tail.. i hope they get rid of the junk.

I dunno about the 160$ price tag.. but i have to say.. Their kimono is the best one i own out of the 5 i got.

anyone know the answer? if not ill ask the owner.. i know shes busy and dont want to bother her about that.

I have a black atama that is to small, i think im going to give it away..

i think two other guys had L/A's .. Bob and Soid.. what you guys think about the ones you have?
i got the lutador americano gold weave for x-mas, and i like it a lot...its already my favorite gi alongside my gameness and ive only trained in it 3-4 times (i have an atama double, dragao armlock, and no name judo gi as well). I don't like the embroidery on the ass either, but i got over it...i can't see it, lol.
I have the Lutador Americano too. Fits nicely.