New Chute Boxe - Wand Gear....

Sweet stuff man. Thanks for the update, allot of that WAND stuff can be hard to find. I know where to go now :D
Thnx Adino, we will posting some more products shorthly......................
Cool, thanks. Good sites with WAND gear are hard to find.
Hey Scorcho
We are just about to take delivery of a stock of all the new WAND gear next week.
Damn shame they never produced those Beanies of Silva's Logo on the front and his Tattoo on the back.
Why wait till next week when you can have it today?

Team Casca Grossa
Indeed, I can vouch for Casca Grossa's excellent Customer Service and Product. Still loving my Wand Chute Boxe Shorts and Carol was a real pro when trying to help me find Board shorts that would fit. Would recommend them 200%!
Phemon thanks we apreciate the endorsement, also who said that those benies are not made ?, you will see them shorthly :).
:eek: wha wha what? You said in the e-mail they weren't being produced! Give us the scoop on when they are being released and in what colors cause I am definitely down!
JJ do you have any size 44 shorts avail? A few of the guys on the forum are looking for some.
PHenom, I contacted their office in Brazil and was informed the beanise should be ready by the end of this month, so we should have them in the US sometime in September. No clue about prices yet. They will only come in black.

SSF: we don't have 44's..... I have one pair of No Fear with elastic waistband that will fit a 44.
We are listing the new GP t-shirt that Wanderlei is wearing this weekend..............and some other cool stuff...........and no it is not shipped from Brasil but from the ATL.............