Nervous about my first fight...


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Sep 21, 2002
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Well, I've finally got my first fight lined up for October 29th. I've only really been training in MMA for about the last 4-5 months, but I come from a wrestling background and feel like I'm ready for a fight. BUT, then I ask myself, am I really ready for this? The fight is in my hometown and I'll be fighting in front of my family and friends(who my dad especially keeps telling me I'm an idiot for doing this) and getting knocked out in front of them would be more painful dignity wise than it would physically. I guess my question to you all is, is this a normal feeling for your first fight? Its great to think you've got it in the bag, but it only takes one punch to or one wrong move to end a fight. I guess its easy to dream about it, but now that its actually here, I'm a bit nervous lol. Any advice guys?
Congrats for having the balls to fight. 4-5 months doesn't seem that long to train but if you come from a wrestling background and you feel ready, then go for it. Even if you lose you will learn from it for your future fights. Personally, I wouldn't have family and friends come because of the distraction but that's just me. Good luck and try to get a video of it to post.
I was so amped up for my first fight, untill it was actually time to fight. Had to get my brother to slap me out of it. It all goes away after the first punch/kick though.
Umm.. try to get some sleep the night before the fight. Do you know who your fighting?

good luck bro
being nervous is normal, but it also denotes that something bad might happen, look at itt with excitement, you are choosing to be in there, so make the best of it. I think you will do fine, keep those hands up, and spend some time each day meditating or in deep thought, it will help you a lot.
nerves are good, stops your from doign something stupid

good luck, embrace the feer
Youl always have nerves but never doubt yourself..Keep your confidence up..youve trained and you know what you have to do..Good Luck!
good luck on it, you seem to be a bit of arookie but if your instructor thinks you are ready than you are most likely ready. dont og into the fight nervous, that wont help at all. good luck, keep us posted on how it goes
I look pretty strange before a fight...all the tension and nervousness comes out in a huge cheesy smile from weigh in to victory.

No feeling compares.

Chances are you're going to sleep terrible the night before. That's ok and won't affect you much so long as you make sure you get a really good night's sleep two nights before.
Good luck man, keep focused you can do it :)
You'd be a fool not to be nervous, climbing into a ring with a guy who wants to clobber you in front of God and everyone.

I'll second the advice: embrace your fear. Turn it to something positive. Use the fear to drive you to keep going when you want to quit, control it instead of letting it control you.

I think if you go out, do your best, and fight with heart you'll win respect whether or not you win the fight.