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Sep 8, 2004
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I have been training in mma for about 2 months 3 times a week. Recently they changed a schedule at gym and I can only come on days when we do sparring or conditioning, on day when they teach techniques I can't come. I am least experienced in a gym and when I sparr I useualy get my ass kicked. My question is can I learn from sparring or should I go some place else that will work with my schedule?
You can still learn, but obviuosly you will be missing an important part of training if you don't get any time to learn and drill new techniques. From my experience, classes where it's just sparring, doesn't really mean it's only sparring. When you are in there and getting beat up on, don't the higher level guys throw in tips as they work with you? Anyways, that'll only go so far. Maybe you can fidn time after class to do some technique work.
You can still learn, but the majority that you'll learn in sparring is how to react to different situations, using the knowledge you know, instead of successful techniques you'd learn the other days.
technique is very very important, especially if you have still just started training. i would go somewhere else to learn.
when you get your arse handed to you ask the guys to help you to not make that mistake again.
give them a chance to try to help before you go somewhere else. but as every one has said, the techniques are very important