Need to start a "rumors" forum


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Apr 3, 2002
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Too many threads are being started, mostly by white belts, in the MMA forum. Almost all of them are complete BS. I think you need a forum specifically for these types of threads.
JeremiahBailey said:
Isn't this what wasteland is for?
but if you have a forum for it to begin with people will probably post it there to begin with. WHy wait for a mod to have to move it to the wasteland. Most people aren't going to make an original post in the wasteland but they may in a Rumors section.

As a side note, anyone who makes a thread like "Fedor v. RIckson" and doesn't put a question mark in the tilte should be banned. If you are asking a question or making up a hypothetical, at least put a damn question mark in the title.