Need to improve agility and ground speed


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Sep 28, 2005
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Hey all, I just started BJJ, and so far so good. I'm really enjoying it, anyways.

I've never been a big gym-goer, but I really want to continue to improve my BJJ game as much as I can. My lack of gym experience is proving to be a slight hinderence as I am not sure which exercises I should be doing to complement my training. If anybody has a workout plan, or can direct me to one that would be great. I'm concerned about improving explosiveness for sweeps, and my overall speed on the ground, but like I said, I'm new to BJJ and am not sure what I should be doing to complement my training.

Everything from weight loads (% of one-rep max) to type of exercies, to whatever else is greatly appreciated.

You'd be better off checking around the S&P forum (read the stickies). Work out a rough routine, and then ask for a critique of it (with info on your current size and goals).

I'm in the same situation. Lifting to supplement my BJJ/MMA training.

I'm currently doing a 3 day a week powerlifting routine. The split is: push, pull and squat. Each day I do a main lift (usually bench, deadlift or squat, depending on the day) and 2 to 3 assistance exercises, sticking to compound lifts. I also do heavy ab work.
Look up pliometrics on Google, and start using body weight exercises. Also, ask your instructor, succesful competitors in your gym/club, and others. Start small, work your way up... If you haven't really worked out before, bring a buddy to the gym, suck up your pride, and let him show you how to do stuff. I could throw a bunch of shit at you right now, but you're just as likely to hurt yourself, or get nothing out of it because you do it differently.

Find a buddy, hit the gym/track/pool. ESPECIALLY the pool.

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