Need thai bag glove input - medium/large hands

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by sillbeer, Feb 27, 2016.

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    So i've been training muay thai for a year now and have been using a pair of twins 16oz as all purpose gloves. I'm looking to pick up a second pair of gloves for bag/pad work and need your input. Im 6'1" 175lbs with medium/large sized hands. I'm looking for 10-12oz gloves.

    I bought the BVG11 FDay Fairtex gloves in 10oz but the thumb area was way to small and the synthetic leather was shit so i returned them. Before i order another pair i have a few questions:
    • Do Fairtex gloves run tight?
    • Will BVG1s fit the same?
    • In your experience is there a universal size difference between 10-12oz gloves?
    • Will i have the same issue with thumbs with twins 10-12oz gloves?
    • Should i consider 14oz gloves given my hands?
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    You may want to try KO Fightgear. The thumb is tight at first, but the leather stretches, and even at 16oz they're more compact than most 12oz gloves out there, making them really nice on the pads. They offer a 12oz, but I haven't tried them on to comment on the sizing.
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    Agree with F-day being a bit small, and perhaps not very good to use for heavy hitters.

    IMO, Fairtex BGV1 has a roomy hand compartment. It will feel different compared to F-day's as the latter is BGV11 and are of a different make.

    I recommend Boon sport bag gloves. It's thumbless, so you don't have to worry about awkward thumb placement. You can perhaps explore using large size (roughly equivalent to 14 oz training gloves)

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    Fairtex BGV9 if you're looking at specifically sticking with a Thai company. It's their Mexican style glove so the pocket is a tad wider/roomier than most of their gloves. The BGV1 is actually touted as their "tight fitting" gloves. IMO the BGV9 is probably one of better gloves Fairtex makes once broken in. Great leather, nice profile, and nice pop on the bags and pads. The only concern would probably be the finger length, but I think it's just the way the raw leather seam joins the liner making it seem short. I would say my hands are a bit larger than average and I have no problem with them in 12, 14, and 16oz.

    Check out my Fairtex comparison review for more info.
  5. GoatyP

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    You can also consider getting 12oz fight gloves and put elastic laces on them if you are worried about the fit.

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