need rec for boxing shoes, headgear, shin guards

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by ambertch, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I need some gear recommendations after looking at some of the gear reviews. I've included my thoughts on what I currently have


    got these title's TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes from Title Boxing

    They don't really have any support or structure, the whole shoe is soft so if I tie them up tight it cuts off circulation. If I loosen them up my foot starts to shift around and I don't feel like I'm moving any faster than in tennis shoes.


    I have this "air max" unit Titan Air Max Training Headgear at It breathes well but doesn't protect your head worth a crap. Sometimes if I spar lightly without it I can't even tell the difference.

    Was looking into the Title "gel" headgear as well as the Winning headgear <-- dunno if there's a good fitting cheaper unit than the Winning


    I was actually thinking about the High Gear
    Shop - Tony Blauer Tactical Systems

    they are shit expensive but are wrap around and supposed to fit real good - I'm tired of duct taping my crappy shinguards Vinyl Shin Guard at On top of that I feel like those shinguards don't really protect me that well
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    Oct 19, 2006
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    i have tried title's version of that headgear

    TITLE Classic Power Air Training Headgear from Title Boxing

    and i agree, it doesn't absorb shots as good as other headgears i have tried, like the title platinum. whenever i get hit while wearing the title power air headgear, i can feel a stronger sting. even with the everlast amateur competition headgear (with cheeks), i can feel the difference. and training/sparring headgears are supposed to be more padded than the amateur competition headgears. i guess the cheaper title/ringside power air headgears aren't in the same league as the higher priced headgears.

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