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Feb 19, 2004
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Have any of you ever participated in an Underground Street Fight? Or some kind of Underground Card type deal? My buddy and I got offered $1,500 a piece to fight two other fighters and it seems like a decent pay day for 3 rds of work. The guy said he would pay two days before the fight. I have actually known the guy who is coordinating/running the event for 5 or so years so jipping me of money isn't a problem. He is going to have an imparcial ref and I know the person I would be fighting, not like a friend but an acqaitence(spelling). Just wondering if anyone on here has had maybe a lil experience with something similar. I have racked my brain trying to come up with what could go wrong and I can't see much happening since I know most of the guys fighting and we are pretty good friends. I would like to here your guys feedback or what you would be concerned or thinking if it was offered to you. Thanks.

Edit, forgot the guy I would be facing is 6'2 230. Little stocky, but I have sparred with him before and he isn't exactly what you would call unstoppable. I don't think he is anywhere near my level so I am having trouble finding any reason why I shouldn't take this offer. The only thing I am sorta worried about is fighter and fan safety since it is underground. I know there will likely be a decent sized crowd of people, hopefully not too inhebriated.
A lot of damage can be done in a few seconds if the ref is more concerned about seeing a bloodbath, than the fighters safety.
JeremiahBailey said:
A lot of damage can be done in a few seconds if the ref is more concerned about seeing a bloodbath, than the fighters safety.

True but he told me the guy has officiated some local boxing fights before so I am not too worried about that.
well, theres always AIDS, you aint gonna get proper blood testing in underground fights. The closest thing i've ever done is some amatuer MMA stuff at parties in the backyard, when people get too cocky and think they can fight with some alcohol in them. Those were always fun.

It doesn't sound too underground with a somewhat experienced boxing ref and the amount of money being offered to you. Doesn't sound much different than a small local show. Is the "underground" theme of this event just for PR and hype maybe?

Doesn't sound too bad to me. I say go for it.
Well a bunch of the people are friends, so it is more friends than an organized gathering. The money being put up is because he is charging people 50 bucks to see it and has 8 fights total he wants lined up. I guess you could say it is more organized than just a couple of people fighting, but I have no clue where the location is yet, he just told me it would be taken care of. That was also something that crossed my mind, even if he is charging 50 a pop $1500 is alot to pay two guys, I have no clue what he offered the other people. Just random shit going through my head at the moment. Feedback is appreciated. I want all my ducks in a line before I start shooting :)
I'd also be worried about blood borne infections, at the amateur tournaments I've been to they stop the fight right away if they can't stop the bleeding (especially if it goes into grappling range). If you're being paid $1500 they won't stop the fight for a little blood. I wouldn't do it.
Any medical expenses covered by the guy organizing it cause $1500 can dissappear pretty quickly if you get injured and have to pay for it yourself. Otherwise, go for it!
I would be worried about AIDs, Hep C, blood related diseases. Of course there isn't going to be proper testing. It sounds like good money, but I think the risk outways the benefits. That would be my major concern.
Yeah I was thinking of that Desertbake. No it isn't. He said it comes with the territory. It is a calculated risked. Like I said I have sparred with this guy not too long ago and he wasn't in my league at the time and the size difference is pretty big. I am not worried about getting injured. I mean it is safer than just a street fight though.
It also sounds less than legal, payouts like that mean that you will be part of a crime basically.
Bring an entourage just in case. I'd hate to be alone in a group of blood thirsty strangers after being tired from a fight.

Find out the rules in detail. Clear them with the ref to be sure you are all on the same page. Double check everything on your own. Don't take anyone's word on things (like the ref's experience).

Get the money up-front (as you mentioned). The payout seems really high though. Given $50 per viewer. Even if 100 people show then that only $5K as a budget. Something doesn't add up there.

Good luck!
Yeah I have insurance, so that wouldn't be a problem. Also I plan to have around 8 guys with me, all fighters, but one. These guys are friendly. It isn't like a grudge fight type deal so I am not really worried about a big brawl after the fight.
Good Luck, hopefully you will not get gang raped, or thrown in prison then gang raped.
JeremiahBailey said:
Good Luck, hopefully you will not get gang raped, or thrown in prison then gang raped.

If I do, I'll know who to make my one and only call to to come bust me out! You'd better be ready :D
To me, things don't add up bro. That means this guy would have to have atleast 60 people, to pay off you and your buddy. Thats with no profit, just to pay you 2 of you guys. I mean if you get the money upfront thats something else, but how many people does he expect? Not only that but you are risking getting some type of disease (i'm phobic of disease though). Good luck with whatever you choose. If you do fight, best of luck to you bro.
Thats one of the things I am going to inquire about more tomorrow. I am guessing he plans on having 150 or so ppl, that would require a type of gym or auditorium. Don't know how underground it could be with that many people. I will know more tomorrow.