Need info about training in Rio


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Dec 19, 2007
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So I'm pretty sure I'll be heading to Rio beginning of May or so. I'm thinking for like a couple of months, maybe less/more depending how things go, I'm pretty flexible.

Since I'd like to stay near Ipanema/Copacabana, I'm thinking Gracie Humaita or Ricardo Vieira's place near there.

Anyone have done this (or is there now) that can fill me in on specifics? ie, getting a temp apt, how much it costs to train, etc, etc. Would love to make some contacts before I go.

I trained at Ricardo Vieira's Fight Zone Copacabana last year. Small gym but excellent sparring and training, especially for 180 lbs fighters and below.

Training costs something like 100 $ a month.
We knew the guys there so I'm not sure if you can just pop up there and train though. If you're from a Brasa club it should be no problem of course.
Copacabana is a bit shady as it is sort of the Red Light District in Rio. If you have no problems with that and take robbery precautions apartments there are like 500-1000 $ a month depending upon the quality. Ipanema is much less shady but a bit more expensive.
Just google apartment rio and you'll get tons of rental options.
I wouldn't stay anywhere else than Lagoa, Leblon, Ipanema or Copacabana if you're new to Rio. There are some bad bad neighbourhoods there and being an inexperienced gringo there ain't too cool.

If you're on Facebook there's a Fight Zone group there.
what ^^ said--- i wudnt go out alone in copocbana at night time