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Need Help!!!


Jun 9, 2005
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hey guys, i am preparing for the upcoming wrestling season. As of friday i was planning on going 160 but my coach called me and asked me to go 145. I have to make it in 10 days. I need to lose 15 pounds. any good suggestions for helping me to cut?
I need to loose 10 pounds for a BJJ tourny in 14 days....not as tough but im new to it any ideas would also be greatly appreciated!
I also need to cut 15lbs for wrestling i am 185 and need to get to 170 any help would be nice
Kentpope, do you have to just be certified at 145 or actually be at 145 for a match? If you have 10 days it should be pretty easy either way. Just practice hard, maybe wear a longsleeve or hoodie to get more sweat going, run/bike before and after practice, and wrestle on the mat after practice (as in from referees position as you can generate alot of heat that way and sweat more). I found it was easiest to layer up in sweats or even a sauna suit and hop on an elipitical or bike as its low impact and less draining. Adjust your diet so you're eating healthy if you aren't already, and don't eat as much. It's important to stay hydrated too but not over drink as water weighs alot. I've never had it myself, but I hear pedialite is great for hydrating without consuming large amounts. If it comes down to it, you can just cut the rest the last day and don't eat or drink anything.