need help with a crazy brazilian


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Mar 27, 2004
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ok theres this guy at my gym who is 5'10 about 160 and he is straight outta rio. He has been doing ju-jistu for about 3 months. everytime i roll with him i can submit him but it takes me a while because he is so strong. whenever i have a dominant position on him he just simply sits up and reverses it and i cant do anything... knee on belly works very good against him but i need other solutions

btw everytime i have submitted him it has been via armbar from guard

any advice
do you have a bad base or is he just a freak? keep him flat to take the strength away from him.
just start throwing elbows on him when your in his guard thatll teach him
He's brazilian there's nothing you can do.. They are born with a ground game, refer to the commentary in the Tank - Rizzo fight. "Tanks always ha had a solid pass the guard game but NOT against an experienced brazilian"
don't let your knees touch the ground when you have side control, try to sprawl out on him..
Wear him down..and he's 160 and stronger than you? How much do you weigh?
Wylian said:
What belt are you? What's your experience?

4-stripe white

10 months of 3 x per week

it isnt that i have a bad base or wrong technique. This guy is just a freak of nature

i have a couple of ideas to use tonight when i know so i will report back with what i do
I'm the youngest guy in my gym, a lot of the guys in there are either more experienced, stronger, or more experienced AND stronger.

It pays to have good hip movement when you're in guard position; and a strong base when you're inside of your opponent's guard. Check to make sure you're posturing up and stay high when in guard.

Drill technique hardcore, if you lack strength/stamina/speed you're gonna need it.
Train more than he does.
Just becaseu he sits up doesn't mean you have to let go of what ever you have !

Roll with it and hold on , he will eventually give it too you
use handcuffs, sounds like a white belt wanting a solution to someone else who is just as non technical as him......

Solution = train more
He is 5'10 about 160 and "so strong"?? I think the problem is that you need to hit the weights, bro!!
um the position is not "dominant" if he just sits up out of it. from what little detail and vague description you have given, it sounds like you get in a good position on top but don't have control of the situation and he reverses you.
Train, train and train. Use more tehcnique, develope more power, use leverage and control. That's all I can say, it will come in time.
Your side control sounds like the problem. I don't care how strong the guy is, he can't just sit out of a good side control where you kill the arms and sprawl your legs out. Don't just pull your knees up, and don't let any part of your body touch the floor except your toes -- get on your toes, and put every ounce of weight on his chest, while you kill the elbows. Try spinning towards his head, or even consider going north south.

If he is sitting up on you while you have north south on him, consider another sport.