Need help w/ X-Guard


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Jul 20, 2005
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Are there any websites that show or explain how to develop the X-Guard. On how to pull, work subs, or work position from this guard? or would be good places to start.
Thanks, any more on the X-Guard out there...

do not let the guy get you out of your game, if he touches your head stay with it, if he presses on your shoulders, do not let it take you out of your goal to pull x guard. grabbing his thighs to get the hooks in and keep them to get started helps a lot.
ask your instructor! thats the best thing you can do as x guard is not a basic move and does require a lot of practice to develop so i don't think looking it up online is gonna help ... its one thing to look up how to do an arm bar but this is a lot more advance
Someone already mentioned - that's got some good stuff.

I practice my X guard on the girl in our class. She's my guinea pig for that kind of thing.