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Need Help Losing weight?



hey guys, this is the first time i posted on this site ( iam using my bros u/n), anyway iam about 5`6- 240 pounds, i need help losing weight, imma use the Paleo diet, is there any pills/vitamins i could take to help me?
dude, your brother might kick your ass, be carefull. If someone hacked onto my Sherdog account I would want blood.

Anyway, check out what are called the "stickies" and the "search function". With a little time you will get to know those things well.

Then whatever questions are not answered there I would start a thread.

But what the hell, I'm bored.

If you want to lose weight, then fuck fad diets (I assume that is what you are on). Eat healthy and start working out.

In fact, pretty much everyone here trains in some martial art, that might be a good idea for you. At your size you are pretty obese (no offense), so you will see big changes if you get active.

There are no pills that will make to much of a difference. There are diet pills, but at your size what you need is a lifestyle change. You need to revamp your diet. Quit drinking pop and start drinking green tea. With small steps you will see big differences. Good luck. And don't use your brother's account around here, a post like that from a blue belt really messes with our ethos.

Get your own account.

I read the other thread on the Paleo diet. Sounds like a very solid diet. Not an Adkins rip-off or anything. You should see some changes with that.
Yeah, the Paleo is one of the few reasonable "fad" diets.

But if you're not willing to go that route, I have three simple things to do that will probably have a massive effect on your body composition right away. One has already been mentioned:
1) Eliminate Soda Pop
2) Eliminate Cheese
3) Eliminate Fast Food (ALL OF IT! SWINE!!!)

Just these two things make a massive difference in the average American's diet.

Walk/Jog/Run (or some other cardio) for 45-60 minutes 3-4 times a week, keeping your heart rate at 130-150. Drink lots of water. Like Boon said, if you train MMA, well, that's a more exciting way to do this, yes? And you can learn to beat up skinny kids who bone the girls that make fun of you.
See Madmick...I was trying so hard to be nice, and you go and ruin it.

"Beat up the skinny kids who bone the girls that make fun of you"

Classic. Absolutely classic.
Madmick said:
Yeah, the Paleo is one of the few reasonable "fad" diets.


"paleo eating - a fad for millions and millions of years"
find out what your average caloric intake is in a week

then decrease it by 500
i think your first mistake is immediately looking for pills and supplements before you even have your training and diet down. nothing will ever take the place of good training and food choices, so make sure you get those in order first.

read this


that will show you how to track what you eat and effectively split up macronutrients. you may want to get a little more protein than he suggests to up your metabolism and help maintain your muscle though..

good luck
The best of luck!!! It's hard, but with dedication, you'll get there...just remember that you're doing it for yourself, so the rewards, or the slips, will be all yours. Willpower!

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