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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by Sgt.Rock, Jun 28, 2008.

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    I've recently started getting into the combat sports and I need a little help getting started in the right direction. My main problem is training equipment; mainly a heavy bag of some sort and a speed bag.

    I'm currently attending a University, and while I've found equipment for almost all forms of sports (mats and such, we even have a parkour club), I've never seen any heavy bags or speedbags. Being in the middle of a city, I'm sure there's a boxing club, but my only form of transportation is a bus system and by foot (so most distances become very time consuming).

    I'm situated in an apartment style dorm room and this is where the problem is. I'd like to have a heavy bag and speed bag in the room itself to train on (size is almost a non-issue, I have two main rooms), but any form of drilling into the walls or superstructure is out. Looking at all my options, I believe this leaves me with only stands and such, so I'd like to have the opinion of this community on the issue and in weighing the options.

    Heres where I'm at so far. I've heard differing opinions on the heavy/speed bag stands. I've heard that if you weigh them down properly they work just fine, other than being able to circle it (heavy bag part). But then again, I've heard bad things about the speed bag portion. I've heard that its flimsy, wobbly and tends to underwhelm. Anything decent at a decent price?

    I've seen large cages used for hanging multiple bags before, but do they offer smaller sizes for one or two bags?

    I'm not adverse to jerry rigging, modifying or building something myself; infact I'm quite mechanically inclined and if no other options are that great, would prefer to build something to fit my needs.

    Also, I plan to kick/knee, punch/elbow my heavy bag and have bought some wraps and instep guard but I'm left with the question about gloves. Are there any gloves that double as heavy bag and sparring gloves well (preferebly open handed for grappling with a friend), or should I get gloves dedicated to one role? On that same subject, can I speed bag with just wraps or do I need speed bag gloves?

    This is my first post here, so I'd just like to say howdy from Texas to the Sherdog forum community as well. :icon_chee

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