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Need help finding school in Anaheim


Bravado Muay Thai Trainer
Oct 15, 2003
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Whats up guys, first time I posted/checked in this part of Sherdog. I just recently moved to Anaheim and I'm a little lost out here. I'm still doing MT in Lakewood, but can't make up there everyday anymore, so I thought if I can't train stand up there as much, then I'll train on the ground for a bit. I was wondering what schools are out here as well as rates. I know some gyms don't talk about rates until your in their school, but this would save me some time if anyone trains in Anaheim. I mainly want to do competitons, like MT. The jump won't be that foreign since I did wrestle back in the day. Anyways any help would be VERY appreciated.
You should come check Tinguinha's in Anaheim. It's located right off of the 91 on the Kraemer exit. I'm not too sure about pricing but I believe it's about $125 for 3x a week. Come drop by and check it out. The website link is in my signature.
You are quite lucky my friend. You are minnutes away from some of the finest training in the country.

Check out Erik's regular classes at:

Erik Paulson's ELITE Combat Athletics
5530 E La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807

1 block west of imperial hwy

Erik is connected to everyone in the fight game. Go there.