Need help, finding a Stand up gym closer to my house!(WA)


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Feb 27, 2003
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I have been unable find anything closer to my house, so i figured i'd ask on here since alot of people who post here are from Washington state, if anyone knew a gym near Kent area(kent is inbetween seattle-tacoma) I was trainning at AMC but can no longer make the trip there, (wish i could those guys are awsome) so i need to find a stand up gym closer to my house.

Please help, i've tried google only came up with 1 JKD place, which isnt to far away, problem is there MT program not sure whos running it. Will give them a call if i can't find a better stand up gym.

Thanks :icon_excl
This is the closet school i could find(for stand up)

Its 75$ a month
with a 6 month contract

Has anyone been to this school before or does anyone know the level of instructers there.

Thanks :icon_arro