Need help! Can't seem to lose the fat on my ASS!


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Nov 20, 2002
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I'm having a hard time losing the fat on my ass... any suggestions? (lets not start with the ass jokes)
I eat fairly well, i do about 30min of cardio everyday, plus weight training. But i don't seem to get any results on my ass. Ideas?
It's probably the last place you'll lose it (i.e. the first place your body will store it). What is the rest of your body like? What sort of bf% do you have?

You can't lose fat from specific areas so the only answer is really going to be to diet more strictly and do more cardio/fat burning activity.
I'm a big boy. My upper body is cut, got handles and a soft gut. My legs are solid. I've never checked my BF%. I'm overweight but fit. I guess i'll have to adjsut the diet and workout.
kuroMaguro said:
use the cream, it just melts fat away

Don't tease the poor guy.
We have a nice glut machine at our gym works real good its almost like doing somewhat of a donkey kick more upward that seems to help if you have access to one as well try kicking up the cardio to 45 mins that's over an extra hour of cardio per week if your doing it 5 times a week. Also try and keep track of your carbs your probably taking in to many for the amount of workout(s) you do.